Quantum Leap the Imagine Song

24 05 2010

“Quantum Leap” The Leap Home: Part 1 – November 25, 1969 (1990)

One of my favorite shows was quantum leap, and this scene just evokes an emotional reaction. The only problem is it’s not the full scene, so if you’ve never seen this clip before  you may not get the full idea behind it. You still get a decent sense of the girls revelation that her brother is telling the truth when Sam sings, but  she really freaks out when it cuts off and that’s where it gives you goosebumps, well at least if your a girly man like me.


Corey Haim

11 03 2010

I don’t have many memories of Corey Haim, when he was most popular I wasn’t ten yet. One thing I do remember though was watching a movie with him in it back when I still lived in Germany. The movie is called License to Drive, except that’s not what it was called in Germany. In Germany it was called Daddy’s Cadillac, the title isn’t translated it’s actually still English. Anyway I remember being like 7 and seeing this and enjoying it. I guess American films, like this one, I saw when I was young could be part of the reason I grew up to go to love movies and even go to film school.

Apparently both Corey’s where high while filming this movie as well.


19 02 2010

This was and probably still would be if it where still around my  favorite EPCOT attraction. It was a ride about humanities future and its message was “If we can dream it, we can do it”. Mission Space is the ride that replaced it, it’s not a bad ride but I really feel could of been put into a smaller space somewhere else. The two best parts of the ride was the awesome orange field smell it had and the pat where you could select your own future transportation, on land, in the sea, or in space.

Here’s a great website tribute to Horizons  –>Horizons at Epcot Center Timeline

Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 4

12 02 2010

So one thing that brings pleasant memories is BTVS and Angel too, but for this blog entry it’s Buffy. My favorite season of the show has always been the fourth season, I just like it because just about every important character from the show is in this season. I like the crossover episodes, Spike’s character development and generally everyone’ character development. I think one of the things that made the show so fun to watch is that nothing got left out.

The Gummi Bears

30 01 2010

I like them mostly for their look. I think tier colors compliment each other well. I haven’t seen this show in ages but I do remember getting good wholesome entertainment as a child. They also had these gummi bear juice boxes when I was young which didn’t have the same effect on me as it did the bears but still they should think about bringing them back. Or ELSE…..